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Hal­i­fax SO Mr Al­gir­das Semeta wants to raise fuel taxes across Europe adding yet an­other 1.5p per litre to petrol and a lot more to diesel. So who is he? Well a Lithua­nian who just hap­pens to be the EU tax Com­mis­sioner.

White­hall sources say they will op­pose it , like they did the pris­oner vote, which we now have to im­ple­ment tout suite with no right of ap­peal.

This is a Green Tax. Not. It’s an­other way to raise money for an ever grow­ing, more cor­rupt, and dic­ta­to­rial state.

But why, might you ask is diesel be­ing hit harder than petrol?

Well for one rea­son half the cars sold in Bri­tain to­day are diesel pow­ered, get more peo­ple there­fore more money easy. Well no, not so straight­for­ward.

Yes the money raised will be as­tound­ing as will the ex­tra VAT.

As ev­ery­thing moved in this coun­try is moved by diesel up go all the prices, foods, cloth­ing, fur­ni­ture etc,etc. Ev­ery­thing.

But let us look at the diesel en­gine, dur­ing the seven­ties it was noisy and cheap to run. We were en­cour­aged to buy diesel cars to save petrol and like sheep we blindly fol­lowed the po­lit­i­cal de­sires of the day and bought them. Suc­ces- sive gov­ern­ments have raised the price an­nu­ally till it is now more ex­pen­sive than petrol. They have con­demned the petrol en­gine as be­ing the cause of high tides dry sum­mers no snow dur­ing the win­ter rise in tem­per­a­ture and ev­ery other cli­matic odd­ity.

This is and al­ways has been a lie.

Fact. Diesel en­gines emit up to 20 times more harm­ful gases from the ex­haust

Fact. These par­ti­cles are as small as 1 mi­cron and eas­ily ab­sorbed by the lungs. (DETR.-Dept of En­vi­ro­ment Trans­port and Re­gions)

Fact. There is ev­i­dence that diesel ex­haust causes an in­creased rick of cancer. ( and Safety Exec).

Fact. The nonopar­ti­cles

con- tained in the ex­haust Cause an in­crease in car­dio­vas­cu­lar disease. (The.Lancet)

Fact. Diesel ex­haust gas con­tains more than 40 sub­stances that are listed as haz­ardous air pol­lu­tants of which 15 cause CANCER. (EHC Teknik)

Fact. The W.H.O as part of the same stud­ies said ‘there ex­ists in­ad­e­quate ev­i­dence in car­cio­genic­ity from whole petrol en­gines’. (The World Health Or­gan­i­sa­tion)

Fact. NOx gasses pro­duced by diesel en­gines have in­creased by 19% or by 4 mil­lion tons per year

So re­mem­ber when you get on the bus and leave your car at home You are killing some­one, and pay­ing for the priv­i­lege. And if you drive a diesel car...?

John Shoe­smith

Euro­pean com­mi­sioner: Lithua­nian Eu­ro­crat Al­gir­das Semeta

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