We can­not live with many more cuts


I LIVE in Hilling­don and have been di­ag­nosed with a se­vere men­tal ill­ness.

I have been wait­ing months for treat­ment and be­cause of the cuts to the ser­vice I have not been able to get the sup­port that I need.

Please re­mem­ber the ‘high­lights’ of the record of the coali­tion gov­ern­ment when you vote on May 7.

In 2010, there was a two-year public sec­tor pay freeze, which is a pay cut when there is in­fla­tion.

In Oc­to­ber, the Ed­u­ca­tion Main­te­nance Al­lowance was abol­ished. In Novem­ber, legal aid was slashed. In De­cem­ber, uni­ver­sity tu­ition fees tre­bled.

In 2011, VAT was put up to 20 per cent, pen­sion rights for the public sec­tor were cut. Em­ploy­ment rights were eroded as em­ploy­ers could now sack peo­ple in the first two years of em­ploy­ment. In Novem­ber, youth un­em­ploy­ment hit one mil­lion.

In 2012, the Health and So­cial Care Act gave the green light to NHS pri­vati­sa­tion.

In March 2013, house build­ing fell to an all time low record. In April the bed­room tax was in­tro­duced and Iain Dun­can Smith slashed benefits, while 13,000 mil­lion­aires re­ceived a tax cut of £100,000. In Oc­to­ber the Royal Mail was sold off too cheaply.

In July a mas­sive growth in zero hours con­tracts was recorded and fees to go to an em­ploy­ment tri­bunal were in­creased to £1,250 in some cases.

In Novem­ber, ben­e­fit sanc­tions soared, leav­ing many hav­ing to go to food banks and some claimants com­mit­ted sui­cide.

In Au­gust 2014, econ­o­mists said it was the worst ‘re­cov­ery’ in 300 years us­ing ONS data.

In 2015 we des­per­ately need a change of gov­ern­ment.

JK Rowl­ing said that when her life ‘hit rock bot­tom, that safety net, thread­bare though it had be­come un­der John Ma­jor’s gov­ern­ment, was there to break the fall’.

Please, I ask of your read­ers, take into ac­count peo­ple less for­tu­nate than your­self when you cast your vote. We can­not cope with more years of cuts, cuts, cuts.

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