Pun­ters Garages: tips to help you pass the MOT!

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Pun­ters Garages of­fer an ‘on de­mand’ ser­vice, with a pleas­ant en­vi­ron­ment while you wait for

your car to be MOT tested. Hav­ingH an MOT is an anx­ious time for mo­torists, but it needn’t be as bad as it seems, and at Pun­ters Garages we make it as easye as pos­si­ble for our cus­tomers. For ex­am­ple, blown light bulbs are a ma­jor cause of MOT fail­ures – so, as a spe­cial ser­vice t to MOT cus­tomers, we re­place blown bulbs charg­ing only for the cost of the bulbs – then and there. The same ap­plies to wiper b blades and de­fec­tive wind­screen wash­ers if the prob­lem is sim­ple to solve like a blocked pipe, or top­ping up the wa­ter. IfI you’re un­lucky, and your car fails, we’ll give you a re­ally good price to get it fixed with an MOT pass…

YetY there’s a lot our cus­tomers can do to re­duce the like­li­hood of an MOT fail­ure. Here’s a help­ful check list: • Check that all the lights work, you’ll have to get some­body to stand be­hind the car to check that the brake lights are

work­ing – and don’t for­get the haz­ards and num­ber plate lamps! • Check the wiper blades, any sig­nif­i­cant splits or breaks in the rub­ber means a fail. Do the wash­ers work, prop­erly

clear­ing the screen? • Do the seat belts ‘clunk-click’ prop­erly? Are they frayed any­where? Slowly pull the belt out of the in­er­tia reel to

check. • Are any rear view mir­rors cracked or bro­ken? That could also be a fail­ure. • Do the car’s wheel rims have any se­ri­ous ‘kerb’ dam­age? If so it could fail – but is the spare OK?

We would change that over for you. • Have a look at the tires – are there bald patches? That too would be a fail­ure. Again, what’s your spare tire like? ItI is il­le­gal to drive a car with­out a valid MOT – and you can’t get it taxed ei­ther. So, to help mo­torists, the Gov­ern­ment al­low you tot drive to and from an MOT Testing Sta­tion with­out road tax and MOT, pro­vided you have booked it in with the MOT Sta­tion in ad­vancea – but you must be in­sured!

AtA Pun­ters Garages we want to help you get that pre­cious MOT pass as quickly and eas­ily as pos­si­ble – giveg us a call, I’m sure we can help…

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