This ever grow­ing happy fam­ily of big bun­nies is on the look out for some lov­ing new homes

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WHEN a pair of rab­bits were found dumped in the bins out­side flats in Wat­ford, on May 15, the RSPCA Branch for Mid­dle­sex and South Hert­ford­shire swung into ac­tion.

“They were in a re­ally poor con­di­tion,” said An­i­mal Wel­fare Of­fi­cer Tracy Deamer.

“Urine stained, un­der­weight, un­kempt and dull fur. All typ­i­cal signs of rab­bits who had been kept in a cramped hutch with lit­tle or no ex­er­cise.”

The pair, named Dy­lan and Florence, are sur­pris­ingly large – al­most dou­ble the usual bunny size – and now that they are healthy and well fed, weigh about 4kg each.

“I’d not seen rab­bits like them be­fore,” said Tracy. “They aren’t a gi­ant breed – just big bun­nies. I thought they were an ex­cep­tion, but how wrong I was!”

Just one week later, the RSPCA branch re­ceived a call from an anx­ious so­cial worker, whose client’s rab­bits had bred, and had seven ba­bies, ask­ing if the branch could pos­si­bly help.

“We agreed to take in the whole fam­ily, as they were all at risk of ne­glect,” said Tracy.

“But when the so­cial worker ar­rived at our of­fice with boxes of bun­nies I was again taken aback – more big bun­nies!”

This beau­ti­ful fam­ily look al­most like hares, with huge ears and el­e­gant faces. Mum and Dad, Lo­tus and Baobab, adore each other, and had been ex­cel­lent par­ents to their kit­tens, Twix, Mars, Topic, Marathon, Spring, Sum­mer and Au­tumn.

Lo­tus and Baobab weigh about 4kg each, and so will their kit­tens once fully grown.

They are all gor­geous and su­per-friendly, but we know that due to their size they are go­ing to be hard to find homes for.

There was yet another sur­prise in store, a week af­ter com­ing into our care, Lo­tus gave birth again, to another 11 ba­bies.

“On day 12, they opened their eyes, and I have to say I am a lit­tle bit in love with them,” said Tracy.

“I am re­ally wor­ried about how we will find homes for them all, and I hope fel­low rab­bit lovers will share their story so we can find lov­ing homes for all 22 of our big bun­nies.”

If you would like to find out more about these beau­ti­ful big bun­nies, please call RSPCA Mid­dle­sex North West on 02089669688 or email info@rsp­camid­dle­sex.

n HOP TO IT: Lo­tus, Beobab and mem­bers of their grow­ing fam­ily

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