Bags packed and they’re ready to go

Can you give an an­i­mal a lov­ing home and a new start in life?

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WHO would have thought that in the 21st Cen­tury that peo­ple would still be sus­pi­cious of a black cat?

But this must be the case be­cause we can’t think of any other rea­son why the black kit­tens and cats we have need­ing a new home for life are so of­ten over­looked.

These cats are just as lov­ing, affectionate and ev­ery bit as cute as a tabby or a ginger tom, they are just a bit harder to see in the dark.

At the mo­ment here at the Mid­dle­sex North West Branch of the RSPCA we have a num­ber of black cats and even some kit­tens who are rar­ing to go to a new home, they even have their bags packed and wait­ing at the front door of their cage they are so keen move on.

Luigi and Yoshi are the last of their lit­ter and came to us when they were just three weeks old.

They had been born in a garage and were re­ported to us when the owner had not seen the mum around for a while and was get­ting very con­cerned for the kit­tens’ wel­fare.

Af­ter sev­eral weeks care­ful hand rear­ing they had all grown into lovely friendly and healthy kit­tens.

Luigi and Yoshi will make ex­cel­lent fam­ily pets and they are suit­able to be re­homed with other pets and even kids. They must have a home with a gar­den that they can go out and ex­plore as they grow.

Jor­dan and Tu­nisia are a lit­tle older but ev­ery bit as beau­ti­ful. They are now nine months old af­ter hav­ing come into our care at eight weeks old back in De­cem­ber.

They came to us when we res­cued them from a gar­den where a small colony of feral cats had taken up res­i­dence. When they ar­rived they were un­der­nour­ished and not in great con­di­tion hav­ing had to scav­enge for scraps to eat.

Af­ter a course of an­tibi­otics and a steady diet they both started to flour­ish.

They have grown into lovely cats with Tu­nisia be­ing par­tic­u­larly friendly and happy to let any­one give her a stroke. Jor­dan is a lit­tle more re­served and has to get to know peo­ple be­fore he will give his trust but once you have made friends you will find you have a firm friend. Hav­ing grown up to­gether we will want to find Jor­dan and Tu­nisia a home where they can stay to­gether.

They would best be suited to a home where there are ei­ther no chil­dren or older chil­dren who are con­fi­dent around cats.

If you think you could give Luigi and Yoshi or Jor­dan and Tu­nisia that ‘home for life’ then please give us a call on (020) 8966 9688 or email us at: info@rsp­camid­dle­ uk. To see all the an­i­mals we cur­rently have look­ing for new homes visit our web­site at www.rsp­camid­dle­

n HOME HUNT: Left, Yoshi, Luigi who still need a new home, with their brother Birdo. Above, Tu­nisia who is look­ing for a home with brother Jor­dan

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