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DE­SPITE our best ef­forts here at the Mid­dle­sex North West Branch of the RSPCA we still find some cats a lit­tle harder to find that new home for life than oth­ers and sadly all too of­ten it is the slightly older cats that seem to miss out.

Th­ese cats make great pets and be­ing a lit­tle older they tend not to run around wreck­ing your house like a kit­ten some­times will.

Cur­rently we have three pairs of re­ally lovely adult cats, all of whom are aged be­tween six and eight. As th­ese cats have lived to­gether and bonded in pairs we will be re­hom­ing them in pairs not in­di­vid­u­ally.

Jet and Patch are male and fe­male who are both ap­prox­i­mately eight years old. Patch is timid but does re­spond well to af­fec­tion from peo­ple so should set­tle in with new own­ers who can be un­der­stand­ing that she needs time to gain her trust.

Jet on the other hand is a ‘cush­ion’ cat, he loves noth­ing bet­ter than to laze around all day. He does have a flea al­lergy so needs a good qual­ity flea treat­ment ev­ery month to keep the al­lergy at bay.

Pep­per and Guin­ness came into our care when due to per­sonal cir­cum­stance their owner was not able to keep them any longer. They are both about eight with Pep­per be­ing a boy and Guin­ness be­ing a girl.

They are both used to hu­man com­pany and love to be brushed, stroked and to have a real fuss made of them. They are quite homely cats and would just love a home where there are some nice sunny spots for them to lounge around in the sun and while away the day.

Our last pair are called Pey­ton and Peri who again are a fe­male and male pair. Pey­ton, the fe­male is about eight while Peri is a lit­tle younger at six. They were aban­doned by their owner and a kindly neigh­bour re­ported the pair of them to the RSPCA as they were un­able to keep them. Both needed den­tals when they came into our care and have now re­cov­ered from this and are eat­ing well.

Pey­ton is a very lov­ing cat who would ap­pre­ci­ate a lap to sit on as would Peri who is a gen­tle and af­fec­tion­ate boy.

If you would like to find out how you could of­fer a new home to Jet and Patch, or Pep­per and Guin­ness, or Pey­ton and Peri then why not call us on (020) 89669688 or email us at: info@ rsp­camid­dle­

You can view th­ese lovely cats and all the other pets we home look­ing for a new home on our web­site at: www. rspca-mid­dle­

THE cat across the road is at least 20 years old. As a stray, he fol­lowed our neigh­bours home from the pub one night and that was 20 years ago.

He’s an an­kle swiper. His favourite day of the year must be the day the Eal­ing Marathon goes past his house – that’s a lot of an­kles.

De­spite his age, he is still the most dom­i­nant cat in the road and is more than a match for younger mod­els.

Snowey is also an older cat – but only17 years old.

He has come into the care of The May­hew An­i­mal Home as his pre­vi­ous owner has gone into care – so his world has been turned up­side down. Not easy at his age, es­pe­cially as he is deaf. This means he can­not hear dan­ger sig­nals such as cars or other an­i­mals so he needs to be kept ei­ther in­doors or have ac­cess to a gar­den only if it is a fully-en­closed area where he will be safe.

He is very friendly and en­joys lots of fuss. Deaf an­i­mals are not un­com­mon. Last year, The May­hew homed a deaf Staffie, Gor­don, who waited nine months for a home but who now has his own face­book page chart­ing life in his won­der­ful new home.

If you would like to be Snowey’s won­der­ful new

home, you can meet him at The May­hew, Tren­mar Gar­dens, Ken­sal Green. When you meet a deaf cat, it can be use­ful to re­mem­ber that one way of help­ing to en­sure they are not star­tled when you ap­proach is to walk heav­ily so they can feel the vi­bra­tions.

In or­der to help peo­ple de­cide if they are ready to be a re­spon­si­ble pet owner, The May­hew has pro­duced a check­list of things to con­sider be­fore get­ting a pet (the­may­ It in­cludes ques­tions such as: Are you pre­pared to care for a pet for its whole life? Do you have time for a pet? Can you af­ford a pet? Do you live in suit­able ac­com­mo­da­tion? Do you have pets al­ready and is it a good idea to in­tro­duce a new an­i­mal?

As well as be­ing help­ful for adults, it’s a use­ful list to talk through with chil­dren if they are ask­ing for a pet.

n CHILLED COM­PAN­IONS: (clock­wise from above) Pep­per, Peri and Pey­ton

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