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POWERDAY has pro­duced ‘ev­i­dence’ which states that no ad­di­tional traf­fic and no ad­di­tional noise will be pro­duced by its pro­posed 450,000 tonne in­dus­trial re­cy­cling waste plant on the Old Coal Yard site, Yiewsley, West Dray­ton.

Re­ports com­piled by the com­pany’s con­sul­tants state just that. You can view these re­ports for your­self on Hilling­don Coun­cil’s plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tion web­site.

Just imag­ine what this ac­tu­ally says. The plant, which would have the ca­pac­ity of 950,000 tonnes, although the cur­rent plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tion is for 450,000 tonnes of re­cy­cling in­dus­trial waste, would gen­er­ate no ad­di­tional traf­fic!

This lower fig­ure is the equiv­a­lent weight of more than nine Ti­tan­ics, and all of this waste would be trundling through Yiewsley High Street and West Dray­ton Sta­tion Road, as well as along Hor­ton Road, but would pro­duce no ad­di­tional traf­fic from when Powerday’s con­sul­tants con­ducted a traf­fic au­dit for the site in Novem­ber 2014.

If at a later stage the higher ca­pac­ity of the plant be­came op­er­a­tional, then the num­ber of Ti­tanic equiv­a­lents would in­crease to over 26. We leave it up to the res­i­dents of Yiewsley and West Dray­ton to as­sess whether this re­port of ‘no ad­di­tional traf­fic’ is likely to be con­firmed if the plant be­comes op­er­a­tional.

When it comes to the noise au­dit we have the same as­sess­ment of no neg­a­tive im­pact on us lo­cals.

So the pro­posed shred­ding of wood and crush­ing of con­crete due to take place out­side the huge plant at all hours of the day and night will be no worse than pass­ing trains, which will be that much qui­eter with the ad­vent of Cross­rail.

We say noth­ing about the bun­dles of rot­ting and pu­tre­fy­ing waste which would be left in the open, wait­ing for its transportation out of the site by rail or road, and the im­pact of waft­ing smells over all of West Dray­ton and Yiewsley.

Re­mem­ber that smells and noise do not recog­nise dis­creet bound­aries, so res­i­dents may not re­alise that this site, although some dis­tance away, will in­deed im­pact on their fam­ily life. We say noth­ing on what this might mean for road jour­neys through our al­ready con­gested lo­cal roads.

So there we have it from the con­sul­tants em­ployed by Powerday – no ex­tra noise, even at night when there are no trains and when it is clear that the com­pany has 24/7 work­ing in mind.

This ap­pli­ca­tion will at some stage be con­sid­ered by the coun­cil’s ma­jor ap­pli­ca­tion plan­ning com­mit­tee – please make sure you come to this meet­ing if you can, in or­der to show Powerday and the coun­cil that we do not want the equiv­a­lent of nine Ti­tan­ics of waste com­ing through our high streets and, re­mem­ber, what goes in has to come out again, ei­ther by road or by rail.

Please still take the time to com­ment on the ap­pli­ca­tion, which is on the coun­cil web­site, and write in to tell the coun­cil your views as to this pro­posal. We must all work to­gether if we are to stop this very large com­pany get­ting its way. It is in­deed a David and Go­liath battle and we all know who won that battle. COUN­CIL­LORS JAN SWEET­ING AND JANET DUN­CAN West Dray­ton Ward

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