Town is noth­ing like it used to be

Harefield Gazette - - OPINION - LORNA MCDON­AGH via email

I WOULD like to re­spond to Cllr Janet Gard­ner’s let­ter pub­lished on May 25, 2016.

Clearly Ms Gard­ner does not live in Hayes Town and ap­pears to live through rose coloured glasses. Hayes Town is noth­ing like the town it was.

There are no shops that I can shop at any­more as all the ones geared to English peo­ple are gone.

I can­not buy food, clothes, or any thing I need.

The town is full of vi­o­lent crime, drug deal­ing, noise, crowds loi­ter­ing un­til the wee hours of the morn­ing, and is not safe to walk in at night.

Nu­mer­ous times I have called po­lice and the coun­cil and they do noth­ing. Why should I and oth­ers lose sleep due to dis­re­spect­ful peo­ple loi­ter­ing and yelling, us­ing foul lan­guage, smok­ing and deal­ing drugs and fear­ing for my safety?

I would sug­gest Ms Gard­ner move into the Town for a month and then make com­ments. I guar­an­tee the rose coloured glasses and de­luded at­ti­tude would van­ish.

If I open my door to tell these rude peo­ple to be quiet at 2am I would ei­ther be se­ri­ously harmed or po­lice would at­tend to say I am racist. The cafes have ta­bles and chairs out un­til 3 am. This just en­cour­ages the crim­i­nals to hang out and make nui­sances of them­selves.

I would also like to know whose bright idea it was to put benches all over the place. Mount Road/ Cold­har­bour Lane is a night­mare.

I am ter­ri­fied and can never sleep due to this dis­rup­tive be­hav­iour. Per­haps Cllr Gard­ner should be ad­dress­ing the real prob­lems in Hayes, in­stead of por­tray­ing it to be a nice place.

Rub­bish bins should be pro­vided to all res­i­dents with lock­able lids, as rats are ram­pant due to un­hy­gienic prac­tices of some in­di­vid­u­als. Time to take off the rose coloured gog­gles.

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