Chem­trail con­cern

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I READ the let­ter “Call­ing them ‘con­trails’ is a con” by CJ Brady (Uxbridge Gazette, July 27) in which he ex­presses con­cern about the pol­lu­tion from vapour trails from planes.

Our fam­ily has no­ticed the white vapour tracks, now known as ‘con­trails’ or ‘chem­trails’ on clear days. If you look up you can see them as soon as there’s a blue sky.

They’re not or­di­nary flights go­ing straight from A to B. These planes make a patch­work of criss-crosses all over the sky which can turn a clear blue sky into hazy clouds.

These screen out much of the sun­shine, which is not good in Bri­tain’s grey cli­mate where many suf­fer a vi­ta­min D short­age from a lack of sun. Vi­ta­min D helps pro­tect the body from se­ri­ous ill­nesses. On the in­ter­net it is stated that chem­trails spray tons of harm­ful alu­minium ox­ide, bar­ium, and other chem­i­cals in­clud­ing ar­senic, cad­mium, and lead into the at­mos­phere, to cool down the planet. (Just Google chem­trails.) I’m con­cerned for peo­ple’s health if toxic chem­i­cals are be­ing re­leased in the air. I wish the au­thor­i­ties would at least in­form us of what is go­ing on.


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