An­i­mal Res­cue with Mar­ion Gar­nett

Ded­i­cated an­i­mal ex­pert Mar­ion Gar­nett, founder of the Eal­ing An­i­mal Wel­fare Bazaar, con­tin­ues her col­umn

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IF you think you’re busy, spare a thought for these rab­bits. I’ve just spent an hour with them and they haven’t stopped since I ar­rived – dig­ging, munch­ing, hop­ping, hid­ing, kiss­ing and shov­ing their bed­ding around. As well as, of course, some in­ter­mit­tent rest­ing.

They can only do all these ac­tiv­i­ties be­cause the hous­ing they are liv­ing in is big enough for the rab­bits to carry them out.

If you keep a rab­bit, a hutch is not enough. What’s the point of hav­ing pet rab­bits un­less you can keep them in ac­com­mo­da­tion which is large enough and var­ied enough for them to be happy and carry out their com­plex nat­u­ral be­hav­iours?

Also, it’s much more fun watch­ing them if they’ve got dif­fer­ent things to do. If you want to see the sort of hous­ing Beau and Betty are be­ing kept in while they wait for their per­ma­nent home you can meet them at the Na­tional An­i­mal Wel­fare Trust (NAWT) re­hom­ing cen­tre, in Tylers Way, Watford by-pass. The post­code is WD25 8WT.

They came into the care of NAWT when their owner was mov­ing and she couldn’t take them with her. Beau (the white one) is laid back and en­joys be­ing stroked and groomed – his fur is soft as silk.

Betty is beau­ti­ful and has been de­scribed as ‘a bun with at­ti­tude’.

She was the first to hop over to me when I went in to see them but she can be a lit­tle wary of be­ing han­dled.

Both rab­bits have been neutered and are look­ing for a home to­gether where adults do most of the han­dling un­til Betty be­comes more trust­ing and where, if there are chil­dren, they are at least eight years old.

NAWT are hold­ing their Sum­mer Open Day on Sun­day Septem­ber 4 (11am-3pm).

This is a ma­jor fundrais­ing event with lots of stalls, games and a dog show. You can also meet dogs, cats, rab­bits and guinea pigs wait­ing for homes.

Last year it poured with rain from be­gin­ning to end but faith­ful sup­port­ers still poured in.

If you have any new items that could be sold or given as prizes, they would be wel­come. Take them along in ad­vance or bring them on the day.

Park­ing at the Cen­tre is lim­ited so please park at the nearby Mer­cure Ho­tel.

n HAY YOU: Busy Betty and laid-back Beau greet each other

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