Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

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MY dad and I went to Uxbridge Police sta­tion one Sun­day morn­ing af­ter clear­ing out our kitchen and garage, want­ing to hand in nu­mer­ous kitchen knives and a cou­ple of hunt­ing knives that my dad had from a trip more than 20 years ago.

The com­mu­nity police of­fi­cer at the desk said they did not ac­cept them and that we shouldn’t have driven with them in the car, be­cause if we had been pulled over by the police then we could have been ar­rested for car­ry­ing danger­ous weapons.

We ex­plained that we had been to the coun­cil dump in Hare­field, but they did not have a knife bin and we thought it best and safest to hand them into the police in­stead of putting them on our gen­eral waste col­lec­tion.

They then said ‘you can Google where the knife bin sites are in the bor­ough’.

Not good for my 80-year-old dad who does not have ac­cess to the in­ter­net.

It turns out the near­est one to us is Barra Hall Cir­cus, but this is a good 10 min­utes from us and if we went there then we would be break­ing the law, trav­el­ling with the knives in the car

When we got to Barra Hall, it was very in­tim­i­dat­ing be­cause there were some young peo­ple drink­ing near the bin and we won­dered if they might try and take the knives out once we’d put them in.

Why don’t the police want to help peo­ple try­ing to do the cor­rect thing? They just didn’t seem in­ter­ested and we left feel­ing that we were wast­ing their time.

Maybe they should ad­ver­tise a bit more of where the knife bins are and maybe get more than three in this bor­ough and why not out­side police sta­tions, as they seem the ob­vi­ous place?

Read­ing the ar­ti­cle on Au­gust 31, it states you can call 101 if you find a

knife and the police will ar­range col­lec­tion.

I guess they won’t be ar­rested for car­ry­ing a danger­ous weapon!!


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