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1. Class, star­ring Kather­ine Kelly, is a spin-off se­ries from which pop­u­lar sci-fi show? 2. What is the ster­ile off­spring of a fe­male horse and a male ass known as? 3. Of which veg­etable is kohlrabi a va­ri­ety? 4. By what name are the New Tes­ta­ment ac­counts of Christ’s life as­cribed to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John col­lec­tively known? 5. What is the English name for the Ir­ish county of Dún na nGall? 6. In Greek mythol­ogy, which son of Zeus was the mes­sen­ger of the gods? 7. Which US nov­el­ist wrote The Naked Lunch? 8. In which county is Gatwick airport? 9. By what name is the tibia com­monly known? 10. The port of Le Havre lies at the mouth of which river?

Q1 - Kather­ine Kelly

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