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1. Todd Carty and Jo Pavey were among the celebri­ties to take part in a re­cent celebrity spe­cial of which ITV game show? 2. What is the Welsh na­tion­al­ist po­lit­i­cal party called? 3. Of which group of is­lands is Ler­wick the ad­min­is­tra­tive HQ? 4. What is the med­i­cal term for tooth decay? 5. Which fruit is also known as the Chi­nese goose­berry? 6. Who painted the Last Sup­per in a church in Mi­lan? 7. What is the long­est river in France? 8. Who wrote Win­nie-thePooh and the House at Pooh Cor­ner? 9. What does VTOL stand for in avi­a­tion? 10. Which in­stru­ment mea­sures time us­ing a shadow cast by the sun?

Q1 - Todd Carty

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