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1. Peter Krause and An­gela Bas­sett are among the stars of which new US po­lice pro­ce­dural drama on Sky Wit­ness?

2. For what sort of sweet is the French town of Mon­téli­mar fa­mous?

3. Which wind in­stru­ment was in­vented by Adolphe Sax?

4. What is the cap­i­tal of Western Australia? 5. Which en­trepreneur founded the Vir­gin brand as a mail or­der record busi­ness in 1970?

6. What name is given to rain that has ab­sorbed sul­phur diox­ide and ni­tro­gen ox­ide from the at­mos­phere?

7. What is the high­est moun­tain in the Alps?

8. Which five-line form of comic verse was pop­u­larised by Ed­ward Lear in the 19th cen­tury?

9. Of which African coun­try is Ac­cra the cap­i­tal?

10. Which Amer­i­can ac­tor starred in On the Wa­ter­front, The God­fa­ther and Apoca­lypse Now?

Q1 - An­gela Bas­sett

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