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Do you strug­gle to take a rest from run­ning? The lat­est re­cov­ery ac­tiv­i­ties will help to recharge and re­build your body

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Ex­pert rest-day tips to help you re­cover faster.

The key to run­ning well may be to run con­sis­tently. But re­fus­ing to take time out for rest?

That’s a dif­fer­ent story. The min­utes, hours and days you spend away from run­ning al­low your body to re­cover. Rest en­ables your mus­cles and en­docrine and im­mune sys­tems to re­gen­er­ate. It re­duces fa­tigue, boosts your body’s adap­ta­tion to ex­er­cise and low­ers the risk of in­jury. Still, it’s not un­usual to fin­ish a race (of­ten a marathon) and feel so elated that you im­me­di­ately start train­ing for the next one. Stop right there. Rest days don’t have to be dull and slug­gish. In fact, re­search in the Jour­nal of Sci­ence and

Medicine in Sport sug­gests that ac­tive re­cov­ery (light, non-run­ning ex­er­cise) is more ef­fec­tive than com­plete rest. Plus, a break from run­ning will help to im­prove your long-term jog­ging fit­ness. Try these new-age hacks to help your body get over a tough run.


FACT: you don’t need to book in with a masseuse to get a sports mas­sage. Power Plates – aka the vi­brat­ing plat­forms that sit in the cor­ner of your gym – can be used to re­lieve mus­cle aches and pains af­ter a tough run. While many fit­bies will use the Power Plate as part of an ex­er­cise rou­tine, you can use it to aid re­cov­ery. Here’s how it works: the vi­bra­tions boost nu­tri­ent and oxygen-rich blood to worked mus­cles, help­ing to flush out waste prod­ucts.

Need proof? Re­searchers from the Loma Linda Univer­sity in Amer­ica found that ex­er­cis­ers who mas­saged tired arms on a Power Plate set to a high level re­cov­ered sig­nif­i­cantly bet­ter than those who didn’t mas­sage or who used the plate on a low set­ting. Steve Pow­ell, di­rec­tor of ed­u­ca­tion at Per­for­mance Health Sys­tems, rec­om­mends the fol­low­ing moves for run­ners.

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