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It’s hard to re­sist a frozen treat on a scorch­ing day,It’sso­hardwe to re­sist a frozen treat on a ex­am­ine the lat­est bunch of ‘health­ier’ ice creams and­scorch­in­glol­lies day, so we've re­viewed to find out how vir­tu­ous they re­ally are the lat­est crop of ‘hea

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We ex­am­ine the lat­est batch of ‘health­ier’ frozen treats.

Boast­ing dairy-free and ve­gan in­gre­di­ents, nat­u­ral sweet­en­ers and health­boost­ing func­tional in­gre­di­ents, the lat­est frozen treats sound to­tally guilt-free at a glance. But are they re­ally so nu­tri­tion­ally squeaky clean – and worth the ex­tra cash they com­mand? Weʼve peered closely at the in­gre­di­ents, and had a taste – all in the name of re­search, of course!

Mi­iro Choco­late Hazel­nut

£2.49 for a 70ml stick; Per stick: 166 calo­ries, 5.5g sat­u­rated fat, 11g sug­ars Think dairy-free (ve­gan) mini Mag­nums with the choco­late swapped for raw cacao and you’re cor­rectly imag­in­ing what one of th­ese tastes like (yummy!). Each one sup­plies just over a quar­ter of your daily rec­om­mended sat­u­rated fat limit (linked to raised choles­terol) – less than in a Mini Mag­num. But the co­conut su­gar counts as free su­gar, with the same neg­a­tive ef­fects as re­fined su­gar, amount­ing to over a third of the rec­om­mended daily in­take of this un­healthy type. 5/10

Oppo Colom­bian Choco­late and Hazel­nut

£4.99 for 500ml; Waitrose and Ocado Per 100ml (2 scoops): 85 calo­ries, 2.3g sat­u­rates, 5.1g sug­ars You can’t fault how this choco­latey ice cream tastes, given the calo­rie count, and the sat­u­rated fat and su­gar lev­els are rea­son­ably low. The low calo­rie count is largely down to the use of nat­u­ral-source sweet­en­ers ste­via and ery­thri­tol, in place of su­gar. Best not to in­dulge in this ice cream if you have IBS, though, as ery­thri­tol is fer­mentable by bowel bac­te­ria, pro­duc­ing un­com­fort­able bloat­ing in sen­si­tive peo­ple. 7/10

Yoomoo Frozen Yo­ghurt Lol­lies

£2 for 6 x 55ml; Tesco Per stick: 74 calo­ries, 0.5g sat­u­rates, 10.5g sug­ars Made with 65 per cent yo­ghurt and 5 per cent straw­berry purée, th­ese lol­lies are low in sat­u­rated fat and are slim­line – though they aren’t very big. The su­gar con­tent is the main down­side, though some of the two and a half tea­spoons in a stick serv­ing will come nat­u­rally from the milk. They’re a good source of cal­cium too. 7/10

Al­pro Vanilla Ice Cream

£3.50 for 500ml; Sains­bury’s Per 100ml (2 scoops): 113 calo­ries, 1.6g sat­u­rates, 9.2g sug­ars Made with soya milk, two scoops of this ice cream sup­plies nearly a third of your rec­om­mended in­take of free sug­ars and isn’t any lower in calo­ries than a stan­dard su­per­mar­ket soft scoop. But it’s suit­able for ve­g­ans and stands out for its fi­bre con­tent – there’s 6.7g in two scoops (equiv­a­lent to the amount in two and a half slices of whole­meal bread). The (added) fi­bre is a sol­u­ble va­ri­ety de­rived from corn and is ap­par­ently well tol­er­ated and pre­bi­otic, help­ing good gut bac­te­ria flour­ish. 7/10

Del Monte Smoothie Mango

£1.50 for 3 x 90ml; su­per­mar­kets Per stick: 100 calo­ries, 0g sat­u­rates, 20g sug­ars A rel­a­tively health­ier main­stream lolly, this is made with 30 per cent alphonso mango. With zero per cent sat­u­rated fat, its only real down­side is the con­tent of added su­gar – one stick con­tains two-thirds of your daily rec­om­mended max­i­mum of free sug­ars. Plan one into your diet by mak­ing it your only sug­ary treat of the day and you’ll be ok. 6/10

Frill The Frozen Smoothie In­tense Choco­late £4.99 for 500ml; Waitrose Per 100ml (2 scoops): 70 calo­ries, 0.9g sat­u­rates, 8.2g sug­ars This is made with water, co­coa pow­der and dates – a nat­u­ral su­gar source that doesn’t count as the dam­ag­ing free va­ri­ety. Other in­gre­di­ents in this low-calo­rie and ve­gan iced smoothie in­clude in­ulin fi­bre (from chicory) and psyl­lium, which re­place su­gar and fat. To­gether with the dates, they bump up the fi­bre con­tent so a 100ml serv­ing boasts nearly 30 per cent of your daily rec­om­mended fi­bre in­take. Steer clear if you have IBS, though, as in­ulin may ex­ac­er­bate the symp­toms. 8/10

Skinny Cow Mint Dou­ble Choco­late

£2.50 for 3 x 100ml; Tesco Per stick: 128 calo­ries, 2.9g sat­u­rates, 16.8g sug­ars An­other hand-held ice cream that con­tains in­ulin to pro­vide the lux­u­ri­ous tex­ture of a higher-fat ice and pro­vides al­most 10 per cent of your daily fi­bre re­quire­ment. A stick sup­plies less than half the calo­rie con­tent of a sim­i­lar-sized Mag­num, but a su­gar con­tent that’s not re­ally any lower, so over­all a mixed bag. 5/10 Smooze! Fruit Ice Pops Sim­ply Co­conut £2.50 for 5 x 65ml; Sains­bury’s Per ice pop: 102 calo­ries, 4.6g sat­u­rates, 10.9g su­gar Tap­ping into the co­conut trend, th­ese freeze-at-home ice pops are made with sweet­ened co­conut milk and are a bit of a health fail, apart from be­ing a por­tion­con­trolled 100 calo­ries. Each one con­tains two and a half level tea­spoons of su­gar (or around a third of the free su­gar max­i­mum that’s rec­om­mended per day) and nearly a quar­ter of the daily rec­om­mended in­take of choles­terol-rais­ing sat­u­rated fat. 3/10

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