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Q Is the VB6 (Ve­gan be­fore 6pm) diet good to help me go ve­gan?

A The VB6 diet in­volves fol­low­ing a ve­gan diet be­fore 6pm. Af­ter this, you’re ‘al­lowed’ to eat meat, fish, dairy and eggs, but you’re still ad­vised to limit pro­cessed foods. I don’t think there’s a par­tic­u­lar ev­i­dence base be­hind it, but it’s good if it leads to eat­ing more fruit, veg­eta­bles and whole­grains, and less meat and pro­cessed foods. Of course, if you save up all the high­fat and high-calo­rie stuff un­til the evening and don’t eat much more healthily over­all, it may not lead to weight loss or health ben­e­fits. But if you’re us­ing it as a grad­ual switch to a ve­gan diet, you can prac­tise and pre­pare healthy ve­gan meals con­tain­ing suf­fi­cient nu­tri­ents such as zinc,iron, vi­ta­mins D and B12. Visit ve­g­anso­ci­ for more help­ful info.

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