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Want a leaner, fit­ter body and a sense of prow­ess to boot? Step into the weights room…

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A heavy weights work­out to torch those calo­ries.

Many of us have had this mo­ment: look­ing at a heav­ily-stacked bar­bell the in­struc­tor has placed in front of us and pic­tur­ing Arnold Sch­warzeneg­ger in

Pump­ing Iron. But get this – re­search shows that lift­ing heavy weights won’t make us girls bulk up. In­stead, ex­perts agree that lift­ing more pounds will help us to lose more pounds. Don’t be­lieve it? One study in the jour­nal Medicine & Sci­ence in Sports & Ex­er­cise shows that women who lifted heav­ier weights for fewer reps (85 per cent of one rep max, eight times) scorched nearly dou­ble the calo­ries af­ter ex­er­cise than they did when lift­ing light weights for more reps (45 per cent of one rep max, 15 times).

‘I’m so des­per­ate to break the ru­mour that lift­ing heavy weights will make you bulky,’ says Laura Hog­gins, coach at The Foundry (foundry­ ‘Sure, it’s im­por­tant to get the tech­nique right, as well as set pro­gres­sive and chal­leng­ing ses­sions, but, com­bined with smart nu­tri­tion and con­di­tion­ing, heavy lift­ing is the best way to achieve fat loss and a lean physique.’

It’s all down to the in­ten­sity of train­ing and ef­fect that over­load­ing the mus­cles has on your body: ‘Heavy strength train­ing stim­u­lates your an­abolic growth hor­mone, which boosts your im­mune sys­tem, in­creases fat me­tab­o­lism and pro­motes growth in your mus­cles, ten­dons and lig­a­ments,’ adds Hog­gins. ‘Paired with the cor­rect nu­tri­tion, you could use strength train­ing to trans­form your body in a mat­ter of weeks.’

A smaller waist­line, de­fined look, bet­ter bone den­sity, stronger body and sense of em­pow­er­ment are just a few of the re­sults you can look for­ward to reap­ing by fol­low­ing a heavy strength plan. Don’t know which moves to do? We asked Hog­gins for her top weighted moves. Get your train­ing gloves at the ready...

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