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Un­der pres­sure? Eat a rain­bow of fruit and veg such as pep­pers, squashes, spinach, toma­toes and apri­cots. Rich in fo­late, vi­ta­min C and vi­ta­min A, these foods will pro­tect your im­mune sys­tem, which of­ten takes the brunt of pro­longed stress. You need vi­ta­min C to make adren­a­line, pumped out when you’re un­der pres­sure.

Don’t miss break­fast – it’s as­so­ci­ated with im­prove­ments in mem­ory, mood and at­ten­tion. A break­fast of scram­bled eggs on whole­grain toast can sta­bilise your blood sugar lev­els through the morn­ing.

In­vent health­ier com­fort foods. If par­tic­u­lar foods soothe you, give them a makeover – for ex­am­ple, try a leaner-mince shep­herd’s pie with sweet-potato top­ping, a fishfin­ger sand­wich on whole­grain bread, or suc­cu­lent mango in­stead of sug­ary dessert.

Have a nice cup of tea. This very Bri­tish so­lu­tion to a cri­sis does help us re­cover more quickly from stress­ful sit­u­a­tions, shows re­search at Univer­sity Col­lege Lon­don. Brew any­one?

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