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Dr Sharon Wong (dr­sharon­ Dr Wong’s work fo­cuses on med­i­cal and sur­gi­cal treat­ments for a range of skin con­di­tions, and is one of the few der­ma­tol­o­gists in Lon­don who spe­cialises in hair and scalp dis­or­ders.

Morn­ing rit­ual: Choose multi-taskers ◗ ‘I first use La Roche-Posay Phys­i­o­log­i­cal Make-Up Re­mover

Mi­cel­lar Water Gel (£8.75 for 195ml; feelu­ as a face wash, fol­lowed by Sk­inceu­ti­cals Phloretin CF Serum (£150 for 30ml; sk­inceu­ti­ which is full of an­tiox­i­dants. I then ap­ply La Roche-Posay An­the­lios XL Ul­tra­light fluid SPF 50+ (£16.50 for 50ml; Nor­mally, I use Ex­tra SPF 25+

Bobbi Brown Tinted Mois­tur­is­ing Balm (£39 for 30ml; house­of­ as it has light cov­er­age, is su­per hy­drat­ing and smells heav­enly! I use Avène Ther­mal Water Spray (£10 for 300ml; to freshen my skin dur­ing the day.’

◗ Evening rit­ual: Use retinol in­ter­mit­tently

‘I use BIODERMA Sen­si­bio H2O Make-up Re­mov­ing Mi­celle

So­lu­tion (£10.80 for 250ml; feelu­ Just be­fore bed, I use Sk­inceu­ti­cals Emol­lience (£61.95 for 50ml; sk­inceu­ti­cals. – a heav­ier mois­turiser suit­able for my skin type. As I have dry skin with a ten­dency to de­velop eczema (which I’ve had since child­hood), I ap­ply Sk­inceu­ti­cals Retinol 0.3 (£51.45 for 30ml; sk­inceu­ti­ two to three times per week rather than ev­ery night. Retinoids and retinoid de­riv­a­tives are vi­ta­min A-based, sci­en­tif­i­cally proven anti-age­ing com­pounds which work by stim­u­lat­ing new col­la­gen pro­duc­tion and im­prov­ing cell turnover. I use this at night, as retinoids make your skin more sen­si­tive to UV from the sun. I also use the Clin­ique Sonic

Sys­tem Pu­ri­fy­ing Cleans­ing Brush (£79; clin­ once a week for a deeper cleanse. It uses vi­bra­tion rather than cir­cu­lar mo­tions, which is less abra­sive for sen­si­tive skin types. Eczema gets worse with stress and dur­ing the win­ter months, so dur­ing a flare-up, I’ll avoid all per­fumed prod­ucts and soaps. I wash with cream emol­lients and ap­ply plenty of mois­turiser.’

◗ Beauty cab­i­net se­cret: Cost isn’t key

‘I spend around £30 (on av­er­age) a month. The key is to get the right in­gre­di­ents for your skin type and skin prob­lem. I use La Roche-Posay, Avène and Ce­tra­ben and Bioderma, which are all in­ex­pen­sive and ac­ces­si­ble from phar­ma­cies or on­line. For over the counter anti-acne prod­ucts, I would also rec­om­mend the Garnier Vis­i­bly Clear range and Dermalogica. For anti-age­ing, ROC and Num­ber 7 are also good, in­ex­pen­sive brands.’

◗ Top tip: Eat low-GI

‘I’d be ly­ing if I said that I didn’t like treats. But I do try to keep pro­cessed and re­fined foods to a min­i­mum. I’m con­scious about in­clud­ing good fats and low-GI foods in my diet as there’s good ev­i­dence to show high-GI foods cre­ate AGE (ad­vanced gly­ca­tion end prod­ucts) com­plexes that dam­age col­la­gen.’

‘Be­ware of over ex­fo­li­at­ing. Be­fore be­com­ing a der­ma­tol­o­gist, I would ex­fo­li­ate but my skin be­came red, sen­si­tive and sore with mul­ti­ple minute cuts caused by scrubs.’

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