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The ket­tle bell clean and press.

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The ket­tle­bell clean and press is a pow­er­ful move that com­bines up­per- and lower-body strength and power. It’s a com­plete work­out, hit­ting nearly ev­ery mus­cle in your body.


● Bend­ing your knees, pick up the ket­tle­bell with your right hand, let­ting it swing be­tween your legs (a).

● With up­per arm against your side, use a pulling-up mo­tion as if start­ing a lawn­mower, while straight­en­ing your legs.

● Im­me­di­ately use an up­per­cut mo­tion, so the bell part of the weight ends up rest­ing be­tween your right fore­arm and bi­ceps (called the rack po­si­tion) (b).

● From rack po­si­tion, press the ket­tle­bell straight up to lock­out (c), then lower it back to the rack po­si­tion.

● Lower the weight to the floor by let­ting it drop smoothly into a swing with­out jerk­ing your arm.

● Re­peat on the other side.

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