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Want a stronger body? There’s no need to log hours of ex­er­cise to boost your bones. New re­search from the Uni­ver­si­ties of Ex­eter and Le­ices­ter shows that brief bursts of high-in­ten­sity and weight-bear­ing ac­tiv­ity, such as run­ning, could be the key to bet­ter bone health. In fact, the sci­en­tists found that just one to two min­utes of run­ning a day could be all that’s needed to in­crease bone den­sity by as much as six per cent. And if you’re not a run­ner, they rec­om­mend in­clud­ing a few speed­ier steps in your daily walk. It’s a smart way to re­duce the risk of get­ting os­teo­poro­sis and frac­tures when you’re older.

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