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‘Get­ting the right bal­ance of macronu­tri­ents af­ter train­ing is im­por­tant, but tim­ing is also key. The win­dow of 20–60 min­utes af­ter ex­er­cise is cru­cial for re­pair­ing, re­build­ing and re­fu­elling muscles. Heather is lucky she has ac­cess to a nu­tri­tion­ist to guide her, be­cause when you are away from home it’s harder to con­trol what you eat. There’s no rea­son Heather should feel guilty about cof­fee or limit her­self to just one — stud­ies show a cof­fee just be­fore ex­er­cise can help you train harder. How­ever, if she has prob­lems sleep­ing, she should avoid caf­feine for six hours be­fore bed­time.’

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