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Mak­ing the world sit up and take no­tice of work­wear was no mean feat, but cos­tumer Janie Bryant did it. Fo­cus­ing on the men and women working at a New York ad­ver­tis­ing agency in the ’60s, sud­denly we all wanted a Don Drap­eresque boyfriend in a slick suit, trench coat and fe­dora (and for him to look like Jon Hamm). It’s im­pos­si­ble to think of Betty (Jan­uary Jones) without vi­su­al­is­ing a fit­ted waist and full skirt, or Joan (Christina Hen­dricks) without re­mem­ber­ing those fig­ure­hug­ging dresses. And didn’t we all cheer when Peggy (Elis­a­beth Moss) found her fash­ion mojo and made a plaid suit and red polo look chic?

It’s like the ’60s ver­sion of a Next cat­a­logue –only bet­ter

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