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WHAT IT CLAIMS: This is a food in­tol­er­ance test, and will give you a de­tailed break­down us­ing a traf­fic light sys­tem of how well your body pro­cesses a range of food groups. The re­sults are said to help im­prove the ap­pear­ance of skin and aid di­ges­tion, as well as boost weight loss and im­prove over­all health. COST: £299 (York­

HEAT VER­DICT: Ed­i­tor In Chief Lu­cie says, “Hav­ing chat­ted to friend of heat Charlotte Crosby, who did the same test, I wanted to see if it would help work out why I some­times felt bloated and slug­gish, even though I was eat­ing rel­a­tively well. The test comes in a box you do at home – all it re­quires is a sim­ple pin­prick to the fin­ger and the re­sults come back within ten days. They iden­ti­fied I was very in­tol­er­ant to yeast and had a mild in­tol­er­ance to dairy, mean­ing I would have to give up my beloved red wine, cheese and bread. But you also get to speak to a nu­tri­tion­ist, who helps ex­plain what foods to avoid and of­fers some good substitutes – phew! You should give up all foods you’re in­tol­er­ant to for three months and then you can slowly in­tro­duce them back into your diet. Ad­mit­tedly, I did step up my ex­er­cise while I was ab­stain­ing, but I lost half a stone and my stom­ach def­i­nitely lost its bloat, plus I now feel much more en­er­getic.”

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