Made in chelsea sib­lings Sam and Louise Thomp­son on shar­ing a bed

Chelsea’s posh­est sib­lings talk exes, heart­break and poo­ing in swim­ming pools with heat’s Deb­o­rah Fraser

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Made In Chelsea’s Louise and Sam Thomp­son are hav­ing a bicker, which is pretty un­sur­pris­ing for sib­lings who live and work to­gether. Big sis Louise, 27, is telling 25-year-old Sam off for al­ways los­ing things, as he hunts for his wal­let. And for be­ing messy. And never wash­ing up.

He’s moved back in with Louise and her beefy per­sonal trainer boyfriend, Ryan Libbey, while his new bach­e­lor pad (next door to Louise) is be­ing done up fol­low­ing his split from girl­friend-of-three-years Tif­fany Wat­son. But if you think it’s all Cham­pagne par­ties and shop­ping sprees, you’re wrong. As the pair are trans­formed back into their school-day selves for our exclusive photo shoot, one-time party-mad Sam launches into a pas­sion­ate dis­cus­sion about choos­ing bath­room tiles for his new home. Mean­while, su­per-posh Louise is talk­ing about how much she loves Pound­land, and that she’s can­celled her Sky sub­scrip­tion be­cause she’s thrifty.

And then, just as they are set­tling into this grown-up chat, we bring up Sam’s hi­lar­i­ous piss-takey pics on In­sta­gram where he raids Louise’s wardrobe, squeezes into her skimpy out­fits and mir­rors the snaps she posts on­line – and the bick­er­ing kicks off again…

Louise, do you get an­noyed when Sam takes the mickey out of your pic­tures?

Sam: Her clothes are so small, I just bulge out of ev­ery­thing. There was one re­cently that I couldn’t post, as I just looked like I was on a porn shoot.

Louise: I have to get rid of stuff once he’s worn it, he just goes into my wardrobe and runs riot, then I find dresses flung in the cor­ner some­where. He makes Ryan take the “sexy” pics, too. Poor bloke. How is it with the three of you liv­ing to­gether again? S: I was there every day, even when I’d moved out, as they have the Plays­ta­tion and the good TV. Al­though there’s never any food in the fridge, as Ryan eats it all.

L: Sam gets food de­liv­ered three times a day, it’s ob­scene. Who or­ders their break­fast? And he jumps into bed with me and Ryan every night. Er, what? L: He’ll lie on his front across the end of the bed, with his legs up in the air and his chin in his hands, watch­ing TV with us like a teenage girl. It was quite funny the first time, and we felt sorry for him be­cause he’s sin­gle, but now… How does Ryan feel about all this? S: He sends me out of the room at 10pm on the dot.

L: We’re to­tal losers and like to be asleep by 10pm, then get up as soon as it’s light out­side. Since I cut out

par­ty­ing and drink­ing, it’s made me re­alise how much time I used to waste.

S: There’s noth­ing wrong with un­der­achiev­ing and wast­ing time. So, have you both kicked the par­ty­ing? S: Now that I’m sin­gle, I’m back out a lot. But I’ve never been a mas­sive party guy.

L: We used to have house par­ties all the time, and the po­lice were called and we were get­ting com­plaints from the neigh­bours. But both sides have moved away now, so that’s why Sam could buy next door. It worked out pretty per­fectly. Sam, is it a junk-food zone round yours? L: Well, he’s start­ing to rub off on Ryan. The other day, he sat there with a box of 12 Krispy Kreme dough­nuts and ate them all, and he’s smashed through a few Mc­don­ald’s lately.

S: We used to stay in and share a bot­tle of wine, but now we all have match­ing protein shak­ers. You’re su­per-close, but is it weird know­ing about each other’s sex lives?

S: [Looks hor­ri­fied.] I have never and will never talk to Louise about her sex life.

L: I don’t want to know about Sam’s. The MIC film crew ar­rived at our house the other day and some blonde chick came from his room, and had to do the walk of shame in front of a whole pro­duc­tion team.

S: The poor girl had to run the gaunt­let. There were two pro­duc­ers, two cam­era­men,

and two sound peo­ple on the stairs, and my dad was next door, so he came run­ning over to say hello and ask who she was, then Ryan comes in the front gate. And I didn’t even know her name! But you were seen out with another girl on Valen­tine’s Day…

S: She [model Dani Marin] was just some­one I’ve known for ages, I was feel­ing shit about Valen­tine’s Day, so asked if I could take her out. I bought her roses and took her for din­ner, the whole she­bang. It’s so ex­pen­sive be­ing sin­gle – that night cost about £300. I have to pay on dates, I just get pan­icky and throw my bank card at peo­ple. Was it hard go­ing through your first heart­break on TV when you split from Tif­fany? S: It was just a re­ally shit time, but I feel so much bet­ter now. L: I kept telling him it would get eas­ier, but it’s hard when you lose your first love and can’t ever imag­ine meet­ing any­one else.

S: What? I clearly re­mem­ber you just telling me, “Well, you f**ked that one up, didn’t you?”

L: I’d been nice to you for ages – that was me do­ing tough love when noth­ing else was work­ing. Louise, you got a prom­ise ring from Ryan and said you want to get en­gaged this year… I know we’ll al­ways be to­gether, so I’m try­ing to stop get­ting worked up about this en­gage­ment. Al­though, I’m a con­trol freak, so he al­ready knows not to do it in front of any peo­ple and a mil­lion miles away from TV cam­eras. Will you and [for­mer co-star and boyfriend] Spencer Matthews invite each other to your wed­dings now that he’s en­gaged to Vogue Wil­liams? L: Spencer has al­ways been so friendly, and said when he has kids, he wants me to be a god­par­ent, which is cute. But we don’t have a re­la­tion­ship any more. I hon­estly thought he would never set­tle down, so it’s nice to see

‘i find it odd that Spencer pro­posed at the Lion King’ Louise

that any­one can change. Al­though, I find it so odd that he pro­posed at The Lion King! S: What? Up on­stage? L: Yeah. [It was ac­tu­ally on a back­stage tour.] That would be my worst night­mare, so I’m bloody glad I dodged that bul­let. Your Amer­i­can ex Alik Al­fus is back on the show – have you spent some time to­gether yet? L: I’ve seen him at film­ing, but when I’m away from the cam­eras, I just for­get that he’s liv­ing in Lon­don now [and not New York]. I wish him the best, but I just don’t think Alik is happy. Some­thing must have gone wrong to up­root your whole life. I’ve got no say in what coun­try some­one lives in, but I think it’s a big mis­take.

Louise – ryan got your name tat­tooed on his wrist and you still haven’t re­turned the favour. Are you hop­ing he’ll for­get and you won’t have to do it?

L: I was a bit on and off, but I’m def­i­nitely go­ing to do it, as I know how much it would mean to him. I’m go­ing to get his name tat­tooed along my fin­ger. talk­ing of tat­toos – Sam, were you an­noyed when Louise pointed out that your feather tat­too looks like a pe­nis?

S: It does not look like a bel­lend, it looks like a feather!

L: Also, he got it to cover up his “TW” tat­too af­ter he broke up with Tiff, but you can still see her ini­tials glim­mer­ing through the pe­nis feather.

Do you al­ways em­bar­rass each other in front of your friends?

L: I tell peo­ple about the time Sam did a poo by the side of the swim­ming pool while we were on hol­i­day when he was lit­tle. It just slid out of his swim­ming shorts. And he was scared of fluff. He

also cried when he had to go to board­ing school, wear­ing his lit­tle hat and bloomer shorts.

S: I was only seven! Back on to your love life, Sam. You went on Celebs

Go Dat­ing to try to find a girl­friend. Did you pick up any dat­ing tips from Love

is­land’s Muggy Mike?

L: From what I’ve seen on cam­era, Mike just talks about sex all the time. He is not al­lowed round the Thomp­son house­hold.

S: I can’t pick up any tips, as I’m not good look­ing enough to be as ar­ro­gant as he is. He doesn’t come across well on cam­era, but he is the nicest bloke. He thanked me for just call­ing him “Mike” and not “Muggy Mike”. If I was called “Dick Sam” through­out my whole ca­reer, I’d be dev­as­tated. I do feel sorry for him. He’s ar­ro­gant, but I think it rests with the girls more than any­thing. He acts like that and they still fall at his feet, rather than call­ing him out for be­ing rude.

L: Sam, you give him so much credit – he’s not that spe­cial. You’re more of a catch than he is. We’d all watch Celebs Go Dat­ing at home – ob­vi­ously, with Sam hop­ping into bed with us – and cheer at the telly.

what was it like hang­ing out with Gemma “the GC” Collins on the show?

S: I love The GC, she’s a bull­dozer. We had a lit­tle flirt, but she wants me to set her up with a Chelsea boy. They’re all loved-up though. So the GC might be join­ing the three of you in bed?

S: That’s dan­ger­ous, be­cause The GC thinks that Ryan is in­cred­i­bly good look­ing…

“Please stop telling peo­ple the poo story”

Tiff and Sam just weren’t meant to be

Watch those fin­gers, Ryan…

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