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WHAT IS IT? An in­jec­tion that in­fuses es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents di­rectly into your blood­stream, rather than tak­ing them orally. It be­gan in Bev­erly Hills, but is be­com­ing pop­u­lar in the UK, and there’s even a pop-up shop in London’s Shored­itch of­fer­ing walk-ins.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Fans claim it can al­le­vi­ate hang­overs and give you an en­ergy boost post-work­out. Other re­ported ben­e­fits in­clude com­bat­ing fa­tigue and de­pres­sion while help­ing you to re­cover faster by hy­drat­ing your body quickly. Clients can choose from straight vi­ta­mins, to anti-age­ing and im­mu­ni­ty­boost­ing blends ,which can cost any­thing from £40 to £450.

WHO LOVES IT? Cara Delev­ingne, Si­mon Cow­ell, Kelly Os­bourne, Cindy Craw­ford and Rihanna have all been spot­ted un­der­go­ing IV ther­apy.

RECRE­ATE IT AT HOME: Take a B12 food sup­ple­ment and aim to drink at least two litres of water a day – more when you’re ex­er­cis­ing.

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