False claims do great dam­age to real vic­tims

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SEX­UAL ha­rass­ment is a very se­ri­ous charge, and ev­ery ef­fort must be made to sup­port real vic­tims of it, and to deal se­verely with those guilty of hav­ing done it.

But these drama queens who are pop­ping up claim­ing that this man brushed passed me eight years ago, and left me trau­ma­tised, or he in­vited me out for a cup of cof­fee seven years ago, against my will, need to go and get a life and be told to clear off, for try­ing to ruin a man’s life over noth­ing.

Nick Clegg and his oh so PC wife made a false start when they came out re­cently to at­tack Labour and the Tories over this. The Lib/Dems have noth­ing to be smug about, and you would think they would have learned their les­son by now, hav­ing pulled this stunt time and time again, only to come a crop­per. Still when they trip over the truth, they al­ways pick them­selves up, and carry on as if noth­ing had been said.

There are no po­lit­i­cal points to be scored here, and it is a dis­grace when the likes of Clegg and co. try to do so.

A silly or false claim does great dam­age to the real vic­tims, and de­means the is­sue, as well as ru­in­ing a man’s ca­reer, and it must be stopped. West­min­ster needs to get a grip on this and not be guilty of pen­du­lum swing go­ing from ig­nor­ing mat­ters, to an over re­ac­tion, and a bit of savvy, would not go amiss.

45 Years ago I made a pass at a girl, and we have been mar­ried for over 43 years, and she is still the love of my life, and thank­fully the PC brigade were not around to try to stop destiny. Steve Vick­ers

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