Why cut the grass be­fore pick­ing up all the lit­ter?

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CAN you please ex­plain the logic in cut­ting the grass verges prior to col­lect­ing lit­ter, the con­se­quences are vastly more lit­ter in vastly smaller pieces all of which will clearly take vastly longer to pick up.

This again is the sit­u­a­tion on Le­ices­ter Road op­po­site Burbage com­mon and all along the A47 to­ward Tri­umph.

I still have some pride in my area and to see my and every­one else’s coun­cil tax be­ing used to make our lit­ter prob­lem worse is sheer mad­ness. Why are you pay­ing grass cut­ting con­trac­tors to make the prob­lem of lit­ter worse and more vis­i­ble and then just walk­ing away from it?

This lit­ter is now ev­ery­where and more vis­i­ble and has been for at least a week.

I am aware of Hinck­ley coun­cils use of the pub­lic pick­ing lit­ter in Burbage com­mon as I have wit­nessed and helped in this task and now to wit­ness only 100 yards from the com­mon this de­lib­er­ate mess and mis­use of tax payer money shows great con­tempt for lo­cal peo­ple will­ing to help in keep­ing our bor­ough clean.

With plas­tic waste high on the agenda at present you have just de­lib­er­ately and at a cost added to this and made it more costly to pick up if in­deed you in­tend to.

This is com­plete mad­ness and un­fair to any­one who en­joys our en­vi­ron­ment and pays to have it main­tained in their coun­cil tax.

Please ex­plain the logic in do­ing this and why you con­sider it ac­cept­able to then walk away from the mess gen­er­ated?

Rob War­dle.

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