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The pri­mary weapons sys­tem of the He 111 was its bombload, which in­cluded sev­eral op­tions based on the na­ture of its mis­sion. The air­craft was ca­pa­ble of car­ry­ing a sin­gle 2,000-kilo­gram (4,409-pound) bomb ex­ter­nally, along with a sin­gle 500-kilo­gram (1,102-pound) bomb in­ter­nally, or eight 250-kilo­gram (551-pound) bombs in­ter­nally trans­ported. Sub-vari­ants of the He 111H were mod­i­fied to carry aerial tor­pe­does for anti-ship­ping mis­sions or smaller 50-kilo­gram (110-pound) bombs for an­tiper­son­nel mis­sions. A 20mm MG FF can­non, 13mm MG 131 ma­chine gun and seven 7.92mm MG 15 or MG 81 ma­chine guns were mounted in var­i­ous com­bi­na­tions for de­fence.

Ground crew­men han­dle a va­ri­ety of ord­nance as they arm a He 111 for an up­com­ing mis­sion. The air­craft was ca­pa­ble of han­dling high ex­plo­sive, in­cen­di­ary and other types of ord­nance

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