Bar­barossa re­luc­tantly co-op­er­ated with the French in an at­tack against nice dur­ing the short­lived Fran­coot­toman al­liance

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more than 110 ot­toman gal­leys car­ry­ing 30,000 troops led by grand ad­mi­ral hayred­din Pasha sailed into the French port of mar­seilles on 21 July 1543 for the pur­pose of con­duct­ing a joint op­er­a­tion against their mu­tual en­emy, holy ro­man em­peror charles V.

to his dis­gust, the ot­toman ad­mi­ral found the French un­will­ing to em­bark on an at­tack di­rectly against charles’s do­min­ions in italy as pre­vi­ously dis­cussed. in­stead, the French had de­cided to at­tack nice, which be­longed to duke charles of savoy, one of charles’s al­lies. the ot­toman ad­mi­ral was fu­ri­ous as he be­lieved the French were squan­der­ing a great op­por­tu­nity by at­tack­ing such a mi­nor ob­jec­tive.

the at­tack be­gan a month later. turk­ish bat­ter­ies blasted a breach in the outer walls of the town through which French troops poured. but the com­bined army failed to cap­ture the citadel. When Fran­cois de bour­bon, count of en­ghien, learned that a re­lief army was on its way, he or­dered a with­drawal. the French troops sacked the lower town, yet the ot­tomans were blamed for it.

Grand Ad­mi­ral Hayred­din Pasha led an ar­mada of 110 ships to Mar­seilles, only to learn that the French wanted to avoid at­tack­ing Hab­s­burg lands

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