History of War - - THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR – JUNE 1941-MAY 1945 -

The Rus­sian T-34 tank was con­sid­ered a piv­otal weapon of the war. Trac­tor plants were con­verted into rolling them out in num­bers sur­pass­ing 80,000. They con­tin­u­ally im­proved dur­ing the war even­tu­ally be­com­ing the most pro­duced tank of all time (and also the most lost) some 45,000 de­stroyed along with their crews. How­ever the vaunted Ger­man panz­ers now faced fa­tal com­pe­ti­tion in fire­power but more­over un­able to match the pro­duc­tion of re­place­ments, the mech­a­nized blitzkrieg stum­bling along with ever di­min­ish­ing fuel sup­plies.

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