History of War : 2020-07-09

MH-60 BLACK HAWK : 63 : 63


MH-60 BLACK HAWK SIKORSKY MH-60 BLACK HAWK COMMISSION­ED: ORIGIN: RANGE: ENGINES: 1978 USA 2,200 KM (1,367 MILES) TWIN GENERAL ELECTRIC T700-GE701C 1,940 SHAFT HORSEPOWER 2 2X MOUNTED M134 MINIGUNS CREW: PRIMARY WEAPON: TWIN ENGINES Two General Electric engines provide 3,880 shaft horsepower, enabling the aircraft to reach a top speed of 280km/h. RADAR “THE MH-60 VARIANT WAS DEVELOPED FROM THE STANDARD UH-60 BLACK HAWK FOR USE DURING SPECIAL OPERATIONS” As well as GPS capability, the MH-60 is fitted with multi-mode radar capable of tracking the terrain below, even in poor weather conditions. PASSENGERS Up to 11 personnel can be transporte­d in the rear of the aircraft, which has an operationa­l range of over 2,200km. 63

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