Bar­ter­ing for goods at knife point

This blade gives a whole new mean­ing to ‘cut­ting costs’

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This knife may not be much use as a weapon, but it would have helped pay for one (cut­ting the price, if you will). Be­fore round coins be­came the norm in an­cient Chi­nese pock­ets, the peo­ple of the Zhou Dy­nasty used bronze or cop­per cut to look like ob­jects that had been com­mon trad­ing goods. So, as well as many dif­fer­ent shapes of ‘spade money’, knives like this ap­peared in the prov­inces as cur­rency roughly 2,500 years ago. Spare a thought for any ner­vous traders who couldn’t tell if they were com­plet­ing a sale, or be­ing robbed.

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