how Much Does scaf­fold­ing Cost?

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Q We’re build­ing a three-storey house and need to be­gin ob­tain­ing scaf­fold­ing quotes.

How long would we need to hire scaf­fold­ing for, and what kind of price would be re­al­is­tic for this ser­vice? Billy Ma­son


It’s quite pos­si­ble that a three-storey house has the top floor with rooms in the roof and

that, there­fore, to all in­tents and pur­poses, and as far as scaf­fold­ers are con­cerned, it’s the same as for a two-storey house. With­out sight of the plans it’s im­pos­si­ble to be pre­cise on costs, which could be any­where be­tween £5,000 and £8,000; pos­si­bly a lit­tle bit more if the shapes are com­plex. As to how long you’ll need it, then once again it’s the prover­bial piece of string.

Many scaf­fold­ing com­pa­nies quote for a 10-week hire, which gen­er­ally as­sumes that the scaf­fold­ing should be ready to come down by week 14. But if you have a slop­ing site and

you need a foot scaf­fold then it’ll be re­quired a lot ear­lier.

Shop around. Com­pa­nies start­ing up or go­ing through a lean pe­riod might well be pre­pared to give a cheaper price. Al­ways in­sist on hire and erect as the scaf­fold­ing com­pa­nies have the nec­es­sary and rel­e­vant in­surances.

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