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Val­uer and auc­tion­eer at Field­ings They are in­deed cloi­sonné. The cloi­sonné tech­nique is where the dec­o­ra­tion is formed by sol­der­ing or af xing sil­ver or gold wires or thin strips of metal to the body, giv­ing a raised out­line for the de­sign to be shaded in. Coloured enamel pow­ders are then placed into the cells and, once red, the colours turn to liq­uid and ll the re­quired ar­eas. Cloi­sonné enamel work is an an­cient tech­nique, per­haps most syn­ony­mous with Ja­pan. From the pho­to­graph, your vases look to me to be later 20th- cen­tury and most likely sou­venir or ex­port wares, hence the horse­shoe mark on the base. At auc­tion, I would sug­gest an es­ti­mate of £15–£ 20.

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