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1| Elaeo­car­pus de­cip­i­ens (Ja­panese blue­berry tree). 2| Bam­busa vul­garis ‘Vit­tata’ (painted bam­boo). 3| An­thurium an­draeanum (tail flower). 4| Sam­bu­cus canaden­sis (Amer­i­can black el­der­berry). 5| Alo­ca­sia odora (night-scented lily). 6| Pilea mi­cro­phylla (ar­tillery plant). 7| Asys­ta­sia ganget­ica (Ganges prim­rose). 8| Neo­mar­ica caerulea (toad cup lily).

Jorge Sánchez notes that all of th­ese plants are ten­der and many are grown as house plants in Bri­tain.

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