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It doesn’t mat­ter if you don’t make it all the way across the arena — it’s more about the qual­ity of the steps than the quan­tity.

Make sure you have your horse be­tween two reins, oth­er­wise the horse will lean on the fence with its out­side shoul­der, which makes it hard to achieve the cor­rect an­gle.

Pick a line and stick to it to pre­vent your horse wob­bling.

Think about hav­ing neck flex­ion rather than neck bend. A good way to tell if you have the cor­rect flex­ion is when you can see a tiny bit of the horse’s inside eye, but no more.

The rider’s shoul­ders should al­ways be in line with the horse’s shoul­der. In the shoul­der-in, the rider should bring their out­side shoul­der for­ward to mir­ror the horse’s shoul­der po­si­tion­ing.

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