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For chil­dren, hang­ing up their stock­ings on Christ­mas Eve sig­nals that the wait is al­most over. Homemade stock­ings have a spe­cial charm and are easy to make – all you need for a ba­sic de­sign is a card tem­plate and two pieces of your cho­sen fab­ric cut out and sewn to­gether. Em­bel­lish­ments, such as felt shapes, rib­bon and but­tons, can be added to re­flect the per­son­al­ity of the owner. Early in the af­ter­noon, start track­ing Santa’s where­abouts on the Of­fi­cial No­rad Santa Tracker (no­rad­santa.org), which fol­lows him as he flies around the world de­liv­er­ing gifts. Per­son­alised stock­ings, £32 each, GLTC

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