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Char­lie G Pro­duc­tion editor

From light­weight knights to dis­cov­er­ing Marie An­toinette wasn’t the first to ex­tol the virtues of cake in a cri­sis, a host of his­toric ‘facts’ un­ravel on page 38.

Bal­jeet Re­search editor

Did you know that Vene­tian gon­do­las are still made by hand, and due to a law passed in 1562 they have to be painted black? Find out more on page 63.

Char­lie e staff Writer

Did you know that the Ti­tanic was never called ‘un­sink­able’ un­til she was sit­ting at the bot­tom of the At­lantic? It seems un­be­liev­able, but it’s true. Find out more on page 28.

scott staff Writer

It’s life guys, but not as we know it! On page 67 you’ll learn about the rover that will be shoot­ing through the So­lar Sys­tem in 2020 on a mis­sion to look for life on Mars.

Dun­can se­nior Art editor

In 1969 we ac­tu­ally landed on the Moon, for real! It’s no hoax. Or is it? Find out the truth plus much more in our mas­sive myth buster fea­ture from page 12.

Lau­rie stu­dio De­signer

From clouds that lit­er­ally weigh a ton to not-so-for­get­ful gold­fish, I was truly amazed by some of the myths that are com­pletely busted over on page 34.

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