Make a sticky note wa­ter­fall and build an ice tower

Be­come a mas­ter of the el­e­ments as you trans­form wa­ter into a moun­tain of ice be­fore your eyes!

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1For Su­per­cool your wa­ter

this first step you’ll need ac­cess to a freezer and a bot­tle of pu­ri­fied or fil­tered wa­ter. You’ll have to en­sure that the wa­ter is pure for this ex­per­i­ment, so use ei­ther sealed bot­tled wa­ter or tap wa­ter that’s been run through a home fil­ter­ing sys­tem and place it in a very clean bot­tle. Once you’re con­fi­dent that your wa­ter is squeaky clean, go ahead and place it in the freezer.

3 Forge your tower

Once your bot­tled wa­ter has had time to su­per­cool and the pud­dle in your dish has turned to ice, you’re ready to cre­ate your tower. Take both the ice plat­form and the bot­tled wa­ter from the freezer and place the dish in a large bowl. Now pour your wa­ter over the block of ice and watch as it crys­tallises and trans­forms into a tower! Keep pour­ing to see the tower grow higher.

2 Pre­pare the plat­form

Now you need to leave the wa­ter to cool for around two and a half hours, but you can pre­pare the base of the tower while you wait. Find a small dish big enough to hold a small pud­dle of wa­ter. Ideally this should be made of metal — which gets nice and cold in the freezer — but any ma­te­rial that read­ily cools will do. Add some wa­ter straight from the tap and place the dish in the freezer.

4 ex­per­i­ment with crys­tals

Amaz­ingly, an ice tower isn’t the only way you can spon­ta­neously form ice with su­per­cooled wa­ter. For this next step you’re go­ing to need some more pu­ri­fied wa­ter (cooled in the freezer), an ice cube and a clean, clear glass. Pour your bot­tled wa­ter into the glass and drop the ice cube in­side. The wa­ter will al­most in­stantly be­gin to freeze and form lots of small crys­tals.

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