How are books made?

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First, the book needs to be type­set. The pub­lisher chooses a font and con­verts the text into a long col­umn of words called a gal­ley. This is then proof­read by edi­tors be­fore they are di­vided into pages. Then they make a high-qual­ity print­out called a cam­era copy, or me­chan­i­cal. Each page is pho­tographed and the neg­a­tives are stuck onto a sheet called a flat, or gold­en­rod. UV light is shone through the flats onto photo-sen­si­tive pa­per to make blue­prints. If the blue­prints are ok, the neg­a­tives are then burnt into alu­minium to make plates. These then go to the printing press and, fi­nally, the pages are printed and bound.

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