What makes cer­tain fab­rics ‘breath­able’?

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Breatha­bil­ity is a mea­sure of how eas­ily wa­ter vapour can move through a fab­ric. We cool down by sweat­ing, and breath­able fab­rics al­low evap­o­rated liq­uid to cir­cu­late and es­cape. Whether a fab­ric is breath­able de­pends on the fi­bre and the weave. Nat­u­ral fi­bres, like cotton and linen, draw liq­uid away from the skin, whereas syn­thet­ics, like polyester, tend to re­pel wa­ter. Open weaves with lots of holes al­low air to cir­cu­late, while tight struc­tures stop the air flow.

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Wool con­tains lots of trapped air, al­low­ing wa­ter vapour to cir­cu­late

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