Stu­pen­dous sci­ence: 70 su­per Cool ex­per­i­ments You can do at Home

Find­ing the sci­ence in ev­ery­day ob­jects

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Au­thor: Rob Beat­tie & Sam Peet Pub­lisher: QED Pub­lish­ing

Price: £10.99 / $12.95

Re­lease date: Out now

While the sim­plest sci­ence ex­per­i­ments can be the most im­pres­sive, Stu­pen­dous Sci­ence show­cases some that will com­pletely blow your mind.

We’ve all heard of the clas­sic ex­per­i­ments such as mak­ing slime and the bak­ing soda and vine­gar vol­ca­noes that you can do at home, but what about the elec­tronic lemon, the van­ish­ing rain­bow or the so­lar oven?

For­tu­nately, you won’t need to rush out and spend a great deal of money on sup­plies for these ex­per­i­ments — the items that you will need are mostly house­hold ob­jects. How­ever, you might want to get some safety gog­gles, as these will come in handy for the foun­tain of foam that will erupt when you’re mak­ing ele­phant’s tooth­paste.

Not only have Beat­tie and Peet dis­played some truly su­per sci­ence here; this book is stu­pen­dous in its de­sign too. Each page is beau­ti­fully il­lus­trated with fun and colour­ful de­signs, reg­u­lar bursts of colour that per­fectly com­ple­ment this ex­plo­sion of sci­ence.

Easy to fol­low, this in­struc­tional guide to sci­ence pro­vides chil­dren (and adults if they wish) with an op­por­tu­nity to learn about bi­ol­ogy, chem­istry and physics, all while hav­ing some fun. Now that’s what sci­ence should be about.

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