Xbox Adap­tive Con­troller

Mi­crosoft’s in­no­va­tion will help more peo­ple play the games they love

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Mod­ern game con­trollers, even from dif­fer­ent com­pa­nies, all look very sim­i­lar. The de­sign has been re­fined based on the ma­jor­ity of gamers to of­fer the most pre­ci­sion, com­fort and sim­plic­ity pos­si­ble. But not ev­ery player is the same, so a team at Mi­crosoft started work­ing on a con­troller that would let more peo­ple en­joy the games they want, and the re­sult is the Xbox Adap­tive Con­troller.

The de­vice has a unique de­sign that makes it eas­ier to press but­tons, but more im­por­tantly, it adds the op­tion to con­nect ex­ter­nal de­vices that can trig­ger in­puts for the sys­tem. For ex­am­ple, if you’re play­ing Fort­nite, you might be pulling the right trig­ger to fire, but for gamers with lim­ited mo­bil­ity in their right hand, or play­ers with­out fin­gers on that hand, pulling a trig­ger is harder than it sounds.

With the Xbox Adap­tive Con­troller, play­ers can plug in ex­ter­nal but­tons, switches, ped­als and joy­sticks that can ac­ti­vate that trig­ger in­stead – or any other in­put on the con­troller. Along the back are ports for ev­ery but­ton on the stan­dard Xbox pad, mean­ing play­ers can add as many or as few ex­ter­nal but­tons as they need in the right setup for them. The con­troller sits com­fort­ably on a lap but can also be mounted if the user is in a wheel­chair or is more com­fort­able us­ing a raised con­troller.

The team at Mi­crosoft worked along­side gamers with lim­ited mo­bil­ity in the com­mu­nity, as well as char­i­ties and foun­da­tions, to cre­ate the best, most adapt­able con­troller pos­si­ble. With it they’ve made gam­ing more ac­ces­si­ble to more peo­ple, and it’s due to be re­leased in Septem­ber. Let’s see how it works.

“Mi­crosoft started work­ing on a con­troller that would let more peo­ple en­joy the games they want”

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