Five phe­nom­e­nally freaky neb­u­las

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The Eye of Sau­ron (NGC 7293)

In in­frared light, the Helix Ne­bula looks eerily sim­i­lar to the all-see­ing Eye of Sau­ron from The Lord of the Rings films.

Galac­tic Ghoul (DR 6)

Also known as the ‘scream­ing mon­key’, this star clus­ter gets its nick­names thanks to the wide cav­ity re­gions that re­sem­ble eyes and a mouth.

Witch Head Ne­bula (IC 2118)

This faint re­flec­tion ne­bula in the con­stel­la­tion of Orion bears a spooky sim­i­lar­ity to a wicked witch’s face in pro­file.

Ghost Ne­bula (Sh2-136)

The bil­low­ing clouds of this ne­bula look strangely like small hu­man-like fig­ures flee­ing in ter­ror from a fore­bod­ing phan­tom.

Ghost Head Ne­bula (NGC 2080)

The two bright white ‘eyes’ of the Ghost Head Ne­bula are ac­tu­ally sear­ingly hot re­gions of glow­ing hy­dro­gen and oxy­gen.

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