5 Things To know About… Harry HOUDINI

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1 He crit­i­cised his idol

His stage name came from his nick­name ‘Ehrie’, pro­nounced ‘Harry’, and the sur­name of his idol, French con­jurer Jea­neugène roberthoudin, who he later ac­cused of steal­ing peo­ple’s tricks.

2 He loved to fly

in 1909 Houdini bought a French Voisin bi­plane, which he then crashed dur­ing his first flight. Some his­to­ri­ans credit him to­day with be­ing the first per­son to ever pi­lot an air­plane in Aus­tralia.

3 His cause of death is de­bated

Many be­lieve he was punched while boast­ing about his strong ab­dom­i­nal mus­cles, fail­ing to tense them in time for the im­pact, while some think he was killed by spir­i­tu­al­ists seek­ing re­venge.

4 His wife was his as­sis­tant

He met dancer Bess rah­ner while per­form­ing in Coney is­land, and she re­placed his brother as his stage as­sis­tant. She con­tin­ued to work with him for the rest of his ca­reer.

5 He helped in wwi

As well as en­ter­tain­ing soldiers and rais­ing money for the war ef­fort, Houdini also trained Amer­i­can troops to es­cape from re­straints in the event of cap­ture by the Ger­mans.

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