What’s next for NASA?

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First pri­vate space­craft

In mid-2019 at the ear­li­est, the first pri­vate space­craft in NASA’S Com­mer­cial Crew Pro­gram – built by Spacex and Boe­ing – will lift off. These space­craft will fi­nally re­turn crewed launches to US soil.

Space Launch Sys­tem

NASA hopes to launch its huge new Space Launch Sys­tem (SLS) rocket for the first time by 2020. This will be used to take as­tro­nauts back to the Moon and maybe on to Mars.

Lu­nar space sta­tion

NASA cur­rently has ten­ta­tive plans to launch a space sta­tion into lu­nar or­bit in the 2020s called the Deep Space Gate­way (DSG). The in­ter­na­tional col­lab­o­ra­tion will re­place the ISS.

Mis­sions to Mars

In the late 2020s NASA hopes to re­turn sam­ples from the sur­face of Mars with ro­botic probes. They still hope to send hu­mans there in the 2030s.

James Webb Space Tele­scope

The much-de­layed James Webb Space Tele­scope (JWST) is planned to launch in March 2021. The suc­ces­sor to Hub­ble, it will give us a glo­ri­ous new view of the uni­verse.

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