Regeneration in the wild

A lost limb is of lit­tle con­cern to these re­mark­able crea­tures

How It Works - - SPECIAL -


The Indo-pa­cific starfish genus Linckia can re­gen­er­ate a lost arm or even its en­tire body from a sin­gle sep­a­rated arm.

Gi­ant day gecko

These lizards can de­tach their tail as a de­fence mech­a­nism then re­gen­er­ate a re­place­ment with a rod of car­ti­lage.

Im­mor­tal jel­ly­fish

These jel­lies are ar­guably the real-life Time Lords, able to re­vert to their younger cel­lu­lar polyp form.


Sim­i­larly to the gi­ant day gecko, the sala­man­der is able to lose limbs such as arms in a bid to es­cape and then re­gen­er­ate them over time.


When mat­ing, males will de­tach their hec­to­coty­lus and leave it in the fe­male. They will re­gen­er­ate a new one later.

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