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SOME grow their veg in raised beds and bar­rels of com­post, oth­ers go­ing for records for the long­est veg such as car­rots and parsnips, will grow them down gut­ter pipes placed di­ag­o­nally in the ground and some grow to around 30ft in length.

“Add plenty of well rot­ted farm­yard ma­nure or com­post to the soil be­fore you start. A lot of peo­ple use green ma­nure – coun­cil de­pots com­post gar­den waste which you can buy to en­rich your soil.”

“Ev­ery soil is dif­fer­ent,” he con­tin­ues. “If you have a re­ally heavy clay, the more or­ganic mat­ter you can add, the bet­ter.” GI­ANT veg need to be wa­tered reg­u­larly and are not as tol­er­ant of spo­radic wa­ter­ing as nor­mal-sized veg. They need to be kept moist but not wa­ter­logged and you need to wa­ter them deeply to get to the roots.

Many grow­ers use drip ir­ri­ga­tion sys­tems on a timer which com­pen­sate for rain. GI­ANT cu­cum­bers should be grown up a sin­gle stem, tak­ing out the sideshoots so you just have one cu­cum­ber per plant.

A stake in the ground, with strong ny­lon string at­tached to a pole above, will al­low for the cu­cum­ber to grow ver­ti­cally. Cu­cum­bers need to be wound around the string.

Thomas sup­ports the fruits with some fleece tied around the mid­dle of the cu­cum­ber as it be­comes heav­ier, at­tached to string which is se­cured ver­ti­cally to a frame above. The stem it­self won’t hold the weight of the cu­cum­ber.

He has square steel frames to sup­port his cab­bages, which sit on top of the frame, tak­ing the weight off the stump. “KEEP your crops weed and pest­free. Some crops, in­clud­ing pump­kins and mar­rows, don’t like too much wind if you grow them out­side. They may need a wind­break around them. Some things are grown inside in tun­nels, with au­to­matic wa­ter­ing sys­tems un­der­neath them.”

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